1. Ben Dover Bum Beads - Sex Toy of the Day

    Ben Dover bum beads

    When Mick Jagger sang '(I can't Get No) Satisfaction', he obviously hadn't tried a set of Ben Dover Bum Beads. As this Orgasm Army reviewer warns, you'll need to buy two sets to make sure neither you nor your partner feels left out. But be warned: starting to feel like your grandmother (see below) could seriously injure your sex life…

    "This, quite simply, is a fabulous, wonderful toy. I sometimes feel a bit like my grandmother when I write these reviews (not that my grandmother writes many sex toy reviews, mind) because I tend to focus on value for money - even toys that I enjoy, if I feel I paid more than the pleasure and use-ability would warrant, I give a lower score. This toy, though, covers all the bases. Great price, great pleasure.

    It is absolutely gorgeous to start with. A beautiful colour that changes from blue to purple makes it almost too pretty to use. The length can seem a little intimidating to a newer user, I think, but the toy is very easy to use and very easy to choose how much you want.

    The beads have a good rigidity that make them very easy to slide in, but also have enough flexibility that you don't need to worry about accidental jabbings.

    The small beads on the very tip are tiny - this would make an ideal starter toy if you haven't tried much anal play in the past. The smallest bead was roughly the size of my pinky finger. The beads do go up to quite a bit larger, though, so the more experienced anal fan should still enjoy this.

    The hoop on the end makes it very easy to remove and the toy is a snap to clean. Overall, the toy is inexpensive, durable, and a heck of a lot of fun. The only concern you should have is making sure that you either have a partner that lets you have your turn, or that you remember to buy two."

    With all that in mind, you'll want at least one set of Ben Dover bum beads, or check out our full range of anal beads for more retail suggestions.

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