1. The one-hour orgasm

    Research shows there are two main genital nerves that surround the pelvic floor muscles, each of which produces a different erotic sensation. By hitting each of those nerves in succession and producing two different erotic sensations one after another, you can have what's called a Blended Orgasm for up to an hour….

    The first erotic sensation is a sharp-ish twinge that's produced when your clitoris is stimulated or the base of your man's penis is erect and stimulated. The second sensation is a wash of orgasmicness that occurs when the inside of your vagina or the shaft of your man's penis is stimulated.

    You can actually use both sensations to produce one long orgasm by switching between them one after another in a single sex session. You can do this by stimulating your clitoris or the base of your man's penis, then when that gets too sensitive to touch, move on to the inside of your vagina or the shaft of your man's penis.

    When you're both feeling aroused, move back to stimulating your clitoris and the base of his penis, and so on until you're building up a continual 'blend' of both sensations. Keep going for as long as you possibly can, and see if you can hit the one-hour mark!

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