1. Help him last longer

    Premature ejaculation isn't fun for either of you: he comes so fast he hasn't time to make you come through penetration, leaving you feeling unsatisfied and him feeling selfish and inadequate. But you can help change all that with these simple tips to make him slow down when his foot's on the throttle…

    Flex and stretch
    Men who often experience premature ejaculation find that flexing their muscles can work to divert attention from their pending orgasm, helping them to last longer by concentrating their mind and efforts on a different part of their body.

    Breathe deeply
    Simply taking three long, deep breathes is enough to direct blood flow away from your man's penis without ruining the moment or making you both feel as though you're in a pilates lesson…

    Change position
    If your man is lying on top of you with his legs together in a thrusting mode, get him to spread his legs wide to shift the pressure away from his testicles. If this doesn't slow down his orgasmic ebb, change positions all together to halt proceedings momentarily or ask him to withdraw his penis for a few minutes to stimulate you before re-entering.

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