1. Sex Cheques

    Hot And Horny Sex Cheques Can't think of what to buy your lover as a sexy treat? Then come up with your very own selection of sex cheques that they can cash in for some red-hot loving…

    If you want to put the zing back into your relationship without spending an unnecessary amount of cash, get creative with some saucy sex cheques. On separate pieces of paper, write down a different sexual act that you promise to perform on your lover when they cash in their cheque.

    For example, when your lover is getting ready for work, slip one of your sex cheques into his jacket pocket promising that when he gets back he will be treated to a long, slow blowjob followed by an ice cold beer!

    Guys, you can do exactly the same: why not surprise your girl with a hand-written sex cheque promising a luxurious, scented bubble bath followed by a massage, oral sex and champagne? Not only will you earn yourself brownie points for being romantic and thoughtful, but it's way cheaper than a Topshop gift card…

    Finally, if you can't think of what to write on your sex cheques, invest in a ready-made selection such as the Good Vibrations Sex Cheques or the Hot And Horny Sex Cheques. Never has writing cheques been so much fun!

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