1. Love Labs Stud Strap Delay Control for Men - Sex Toy of the Day

    Judging from the Orgasm Army review below, those of you who haven't been impressed by the Love Labs Stud Strap Delay Control for Men might not have been using it properly. A firm but gentle pull for 30 seconds, rather than a quick yank, and you might want to start sooner rather than later as the balls can rise a while before coming. Try it - you know it makes sense…

    "You know what - women have more sexual fantasies than most of us men give them credit for! Leaving aside the obvious (Brad Pitt I hate you!) one of the big ones is being in control. I have it on good authority that the idea of a male sex slave is appealing. Not just to the ladies either - how many of us guys have fantasised about submitting to the sexual whims of a gorgeous dominant woman? I know I have. Well, without resorting to handcuffs and a whip you can now take a step closer to your fantasy with the Stud Strap!

    Wrap this new toy around your guy's dangly bits and you have a ready-made leash to control him with. My own balls are quite sensitive so I was initially nervous about handing over the reins but in practice having your lady lead you around the room by your balls is quite a turn on, and is anything but painful.

    I was soon hard, and more than willing to be told (with a twitch on the strap) to come here and perform! It was quite an eye opener experiencing just how horny it made my partner. I guess this toy is a sort of remote control for guys and rather than becoming a telly addict, the Stud Strap turned her into a cock craving, sex hungry wild thing, ready and eager for a long hard fucking just as she wanted it. Any time she wanted me deeper inside her, all she had to do was pull the leash, and she could control the rhythm with it too.

    The real party trick of the Stud Strap is that it can delay orgasm for the guy. I didn't know before, but your testicles actually rise up and tighten just before climax. If you prevent them rising you prevent or delay climax, and that means you stay hard and can keep on going for longer. Yes, it really does work!

    Being turned into a sex slave by my newly wanton woman made me rather excitable shall we say, and it wasn't long before I was ready to come. "Oh no you don't - I haven't finished fucking you yet, stud!" And with that she reached down and pulled the strap, stretching my balls downwards. I just could not come! She got her wish - instant replay!

    I should say also that depending on position, pulling your guy's testicles with the strap can bring them forwards and make them rub over your clit which is highly pleasurable for both. The strap can be worn with the dangly bit either behind or in front of your balls. I can't comment on sizing the strap when you first fit it as the one I tried was a pre-production sample with the Velcro ready fitted. It worked perfectly for me, though, so I guess the placing of it isn't that critical.

    The only important thing to remember is to pull down gently but firmly for 30 seconds or so just before your guy comes (not just a quick yank downwards). The material it's made of is soft and comfortable to wear for extended periods. The only suggestion I have for improvement would be an eyelet in the end of the strap so you could attach a longer lead. How great would that be at parties! It would also help less agile lovers.

    This new invention is inexpensive, great fun, gives both of you plenty of pleasure and deserves to be a huge hit. Role playing is all about allowing you to explore your hidden desires, and this little wonder certainly brought out the wild side in my partner! I'll be buying one of these for the bride the next time anyone I know gets married! I can also see plenty of women buying these as giggly gifts for their girlfriends. All I can say is, both they and their guys will thank them for it. Recommended!"

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