1. Sideways Slide

    Here's one for women who love to be on top…

    This position is best carried out on your bed, with your man lying on the very edge of the bed, as you will be sitting on him with your feet on the floor.

    Ask your lover to lie flat on his back with his legs together. When he's in position, turn around so that you're facing away from the bed. Get your bearings and then slowly lower yourself onto your man's penis as though you're using him as a chair.

    Both of your feet should be planted firmly on the floor, with you sitting on your man's penis and facing away from him in a sideways position. Once you are comfortable on top of your man in the correct position, ask him to put one arm around your tummy for extra support.

    Place both your hands beside you on the edge of the bed, then use both your arm and leg muscles to slide up and down your man's penis. Not only does this position provide both of you with an amazing level of penetration, but it's also a great workout for your legs.

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