1. Pink Lady Fleshlight - Sex Toy of the Day

    It's better to learn from another's mistakes than from one's own, as a sage once opined. To this end we share the following enthusiastic yet cautionary review of a Pink Lady Fleshlight from Orgasm Army - the reviews community that lets you know everything you always wanted to know about sex toys but were afraid to ask.

    "I bought this thing and was more than suprised at how good it was. I'm quite large and found it tight but soft. A sachet of ID lube came with it and once I tried that I ordered more. All in all the sensation is great and you can alter it by adjusting the small end cap to change the suction. Orgasm for me is intense and much, much easier than I find it with women. Get moving with this thing and you are not going to be able to hold back. So fab!

    On the subject of what to use it with - ID lube is more than fine and afterwards I would just give it a good rinse and let is dry. So then I run out of lube and need some relief fast. I find some KY - good (but no way as good as the ID), and this rinses off as well. Then I try durex play (the straight ordinary stuff) - OK, probably better than KY but not up there with ID. Washes off with water- fine.

    Then I try Play Tingle- NOT A GOOD IDEA. Somehow the combination seems to get it right under my skin. Really rather unpleasant and it takes a damn good and gentle washing of the privates to feel normal again. This is followed by trying to clean the Fleshlight. Something has gone wrong and the damn thing has developed a weird oily feel that will not wash off with water… BUT you ain't supposed to use soap on it (as I understand).

    I didn't order the special cleaner so f**k it! I try mild shampoo. I now have one wrecked Fleshlight. So I am ordering a new insert and… cleaner. "

    See the full Pink Lady Fleshlight review at Orgasm Army.

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