1. Buzz Tongue Finger Vibe

    Buzz Tongue Finger VibeYou always hear men boasting about how they can make a woman come by using just one finger, only to find out that they're a complete disappointment when you actually get them in the sack. But if you do want to experience an orgasm with just one fingers-worth of work, look no further than the Buzz Tongue Finger Vibe.

    Small, waterproof and packing an incredible 12,000 vibrations per minute (that's if you can last that long without coming!), the Finger Vibe is a tiny finger vibrator packing a mighty orgasmic punch.

    How does it work?
    Simply slip the Finger Vibe onto your index finger so that the extended vibrator shaft is poking over the tip of your finger. Next, twist the bottom of the vibe in a clockwise position and marvel as the powerful vibrations zoom down the extended vibrator shaft and onto your clitoris.

    Sizzlin' features:
    Not only is the Buzz Tongue Finger Vibe extremely light-weight, but the extended jelly shaft can be used to stimulate the opening of your vagina and anus as well as your clitoris and breasts.

    Even better, the waterproof material means that you can get all hot and steamy while in the shower! Although be sure that your housemates are out for the evening if you do use the Finger Vibe in the bathroom – 12,000 vibrations per minute don't come quietly, especially when heightened by a bathroom's natural acoustics.

    Top tip:
    The Buzz Tongue Finger Vibe is an amazingly powerful and portable vibe, so why not pop it in your bag for dirty weekends away and use it with your lover to stimulate both of you – yep, it will work a treat on your man's penis shaft and perineum too!