1. Explore your exhibitionist side

    The idea of someone watching you undress and touch yourself is extremely erotic, and many women find that they have a natural exhibitionist streak that's brought out by the thought of someone watching them from close by.

    If you live in a period property with old fashioned keyhole doors, take advantage of this fabulously burlesque scene and get your lover to peek through the keyhole of your bedroom door while you seductively peel off your clothes, layer by layer until you get down to your underwear.

    Feeling really fruity? After stripping down to your lingerie, place a chair in the middle of your bedroom facing the keyhole and start to touch yourself, knowing that your lover is watching helplessly on the other side of the door.

    By the time you've finished pleasuring yourself, your lover will be clawing at the door to get in and take you to the next level…

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