1. The Old Perversity Shop - Erotic Book of the Week

    The Old Perversity Shop, latest in Aishling Morgan's Truscott saga (which began with The Rake), is a marvellously entertaining romp through a foggy Victorian London populated by buxom doxies, shy innocents dreaming of a well-greased cock up the bum, hideous dwarfs and - well, a baboon.

    If that all sounds a bit grotesque, that's because Morgan's work always works that way, whether exploring anything from the half-human, half-animal world of Tiger Tiger (you don't see the line 'Pull my tail' very often in erotic fiction) or the erotic potential of human/cephalopod mating in Deep Blue.

    The meticulously observed Victorian pastiche of the Truscott saga is probably a better place to start with Morgan's world than those heady works - with the love story at its heart and considerations of a good match in marriage running throughout, it almost reads like Jane Austen… almost - but all share a brilliant erotic imagination (these books do the job intended), beautifully built and entirely convincing alternate worlds and lashings of humour.

    Now this is where it could all unravel - laughs don't often add to a turn-on, for all the saucy postcard background of British smut - but the pitch here is perfect, with as much care and attention paid to comic timing (and the jokes coming between the sex scenes, not, needless to say, during them) as to the sex and general atmosphere. To give an example, here's a quote from the beginning of the second chapter:

    'Been in the wars, Charles?' Sir John Truscott enquired.

    'Nothing to speak of, Papa,' Charles answered, 'just a scrap with a lawwyer.'

    'Damn scoundrels. I trust you thrashed him soundly?'

    'I brained him with a flattening iron.'

    'Good boy! Never trust a fellow who'll take money to hold an opinion, that's what I say. Do I smell kedgeree? Splendid!'

    But I suspect many of you will be more interested in the actual sex, so here's a quote from one of the many exquisitely detailed anal sex scenes:

    Her words broke in a gasp of shock and pain and astonishment as her anus gave way, his cock head forced in, her ring spread so tight she felt sure she would burst. Yet her hands stayed locked to the tree, her bottom pushed well out, and as he began to bugger her she was soon gasping and sobbing with as much ecstasy as shame, overcome by the impossible obscenity of what was being done to her and an overwhelming pleasure she would never have expected to come from the dirty tube of her bottom being filled with a man's erect penis.

    A few more firm pushes and the full length of his cock was in her rectum, with the hot bulging sack of his testicles pressed to her sex and her bottom spread to his front. His arms came around her, mounting up like a dog on his bitch. His mouth found her neck, kissing at her skin. His hands took hold of her breasts, clutching at the fat sensitive globes, her nipples tight between his fingers. His cock began to move in her bottom once more, his balls slapping on her vacant quim and the tiny bump between her open legs.

    Nell's mouth came wide in a gasp of abandoned ecstasy as she realised that her buggering was going to bring her to the same exquisite peak of pleasure she had only ever before experienced under her fingers. Already little thrills had begun to run through her, growing sharper with every push of his cock in her bottom hole, with every smack of his balls on her sex. She let go, screaming in ecstasy as the climax hit her, stronger by far than anything she had experienced alone, so good, and so wonderfully, obscenely dirty, to do it with her hero's stiff penis pumping in her bottom hole.

    Well (ahem), there you have it. To read more, you'll need to buy The Old Perversity Shop, and you can look at Aishling's other books here.