1. Vaginal exercise for fantastic sex

    Kegel Master Vaginal ExerciserAsk any man what he loves most about having sex with a woman – apart from the obvious orgasm factor – and the majority would say they love the feeling of having their penis 'hugged' by their partner's vagina.

    Anal sex and oral sex are close substitutes for vaginal sex, but there's nothing like the real deal when it comes to the ultimate clench on your man's penis.

    To make your vagina extra tight and powerful during sex, get into the routine of relaxing and contracting your vaginal muscles five times each morning before you get out of bed.

    This exercise is real easy to do and only takes a few minutes: Lie on your back with your hips flat against your bed mattress, bend your legs upwards at the knee and bring your ankles back towards your butt slightly.

    Clench your vaginal muscles as though you were stopping yourself from urinating mid-pee, hold it for two seconds, then relax your muscles again. Repeat this exercise five times each morning and eventually build up to holding your clenches for five seconds at a time.

    You'll notice the difference in no time and your man will go wild for the extra tight squeeze on his penis during sex.

    If you're already exercising your vaginal muscles and want to help develop them further, check out the Kegel Master Vaginal Exerciser , which will also work for those of you who have recently had children.