1. Fantasy Fingers - Sex Toy of the Day

    Retail is detail, and this also-ran entry in our Design a Sex Toy competition gets full marks for presentation ideas. Velvet coloured foam? Check. 'Buzz wipes'? Check. Fantasy booklet featuring male striptease photos with faces hidden unless shaving-ad handsome? These designers know what they like. Sadly this one didn't make it to our shortlist, and the nearest thing we do actually stock is probably the Tantus FeelDoe Slimline Vibrating Double Dildo, but you can still dream… see below:

    Design A Sex Toy Entry

    Sex toy name: Fantasy Fingers

    It is a curved vibrator designed to stimulate the clitoris, labia giving a fulfilling feeling throughout the vagina and transmitting vibrations directly to the G-spot. Receiving, unwrapping and using Fantasy Fingers should be a sensual experience.

    Fantasy Fingers would be a jelly-type, soft surface vibe designed in a curve so that once the shaft is inserted in the vagina the 'scrotum' can be positioned up against the clitoral hood/clitoris. The dimensions should be such that the woman using it should be able to sit up and rock backwards and forwards on it in order to achieve the desired level of stimulation.

    As illustrated by the diagrams the insertable 'penis' would be made up of a shaft topped by a solid jelly head, the body of the shaft has two sprung fingers held into sockets by a sheath or 'foreskin'. When the foreskin is retracted the two fingers would move forward bringing them into tight massaging contact with the G-spot region of the vagina.

    Fantasy Fingers would have its dial adjustment sunk into the clitoral stimulator ('scrotum') which would also form the battery compartment. The dial could then be used to give the precise level of vibration required and would positioned so it can be reached to make adjustments whilst in use. However the whole controlling panel would be sunken so that when it is in use the level of vibration won't be affected by the surface it is rocked against.

    The vibrating unit will be in the saddle, the section which is sat on and rocked against helping to form the solidity required for satisfaction and applying maximum vibration in the most sensitive region and hard against the pubic bone which transmits the vibrations throughout.

    The sheath, 'foreskin', would serve the dual purpose of holding the fingers inside the main body of the vibrator for convenience, so the device is easily insertable and covering the fingers and holding them in place. The 'foreskin' should be sufficiently elastic to grip enabling it to stay in place tightly around the 'shaft'.

    The 'foreskin' would reach to and grip just beneath the 'coronal ridge' enabling firm penile-like penetration of approximately six inches. A smooth vibrating 'shaft' and 'scrotum' will then form a saddle to be rocked on.

    With the 'foreskin' pulled back and the fingers released to massage the G-spot the sheath is furled back to form ribs over the saddle and the clitoral stimulator 'scrotum'. The ridges of 'foreskin' will massage and stimulate the entrance to the vagina and the labial lips.

    With the 'foreskin' drawn back the freed fingers squeeze forward stroking the G-spot and transmitting Fantasy Fingers vibrations directly to the most orgasmic area. As the shaft is withdrawn the sheath can be unfurled back into place which will push the 'fingers' back in place into the shaft to ensure smooth retraction. Please refer to the diagrams.


    In order for a woman to feel fully comfortable with any sex toy she should like the way it looks as well as feels. To that end Fantasy Fingers should be available in a range of colour ways:

    A shiny pvc-type black outside (foreskin and scrotum) with a glittery silver interior (head, shaft and fingers)

    A shiny deep purple outside with a deep rich fuscia pink interior

    A glittery copper outside with a glittery gold interior

    A soft matt chocolate outside with a soft matt cream interior


    A woman needs to feel glamorous and special when she is using a toy so Fantasy Fingers should arrive in a coordinated gift box in the colour of the main body of the vibrator with a ribbon the same colour as the interior. Internally the box should have moulded, velvet covered foam and the Fantasy fingers itself should be wrapped in tissue.

    The gift box should also contain free sample type 'buzz wipes' and lube sachets as well as a booklet to enhance its use. Fantasy Fingers would be completely hands free and so should come with a fantasy booklet.

    The fantasy booklet would start with full instructions detailing battery type, means of inserting the batteries, a description of suitable usage for the device, how to look after the product including suitable cleaning products and advertising material.

    The next section would be a series of fantasy photographs. A photographic series similar to a male striptease. (Not necessarily showing their faces unless they are exceptionally, shaving advert, handsome).

    The series to start with the man fully dressed, then shirt open, top of trousers open – just revealing the top of the pubic hair, nude male with flaccid penis, to include a picture of a fully erect man. There would also be a romantic 'couples' erotic story. To complete the booklet there would follow another more raunchy story accompanied by a different series of "male strip" photographs.

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