1. Make him climax faster and harder

    WET Flavoured LubesLove giving your man head but secretly dread the 10-minute marathon to get him to blow his load? Don't worry, it's natural to seek out a few handy hints to speed up the blowjob process. After all, the last thing you wanna do after a 10-hour slog at work is spend the first half of Corrie sucking your man's lovestick…

    So if you want to make him come faster than a speeding bullet with twice the intensity of a normal orgasm, try out this nifty little trick tonight and he'll think you're a sex goddess:

    After using lots of flavoured lube to get your man hard (check out the Wet Flavoured Lubes 8 Pack), put your mouth around his rock-hard cock and get down to business with your favourite blowjob technique. While sucking your man's penis, gently squeeze your thumb and index finger in an up-down movement along the ridge on the underneath of his penis shaft.

    After gently repeating this motion for a minute, use the same two fingers and gently squeeze underneath each of his balls, manipulating them in the same up-down movement as before. Continue changing between these two motions while sucking and licking your lover's cock and he'll experience the fastest and most intense orgasm you've ever given him.

    Remember: be extra gentle when performing any act upon your man's balls – he won't be impressed if you 'wind' him mid-session!