1. Sexercise

    Weekends are made for trying out horny new sex positions, especially if they help you exercise and tone up at the same time…

    That's right, forget the gym today and spend a few hours working your hot body in bed. The following sex position is amazing for deep penetration and powerful orgasms, while helping you tone your thigh, leg and butt muscles at the same time. Here's what you need to do:

    Lie on your back and lube up your pussy and your lover's cock. With your lover kneeling infront of you, keep your legs closed with your ankles touching and place your feet high up on your lover's chest.

    Support your lover's full body weight with your legs and lower him slowly towards you, with his cock nearing your pussy ready for penetration. Ask your lover to gently push his penis inside you then, when you're ready, push him back using your thigh, leg and butt muscles so that his penis retracts.

    Start all over again, lowering your lover slowly towards you so that his penis slips back inside your pussy. Then, same as before, push your lover back up with your leg, thigh and butt muscles until his penis retracts from your pussy.

    Repeat this movement five times, moving slowly each time for maximum impact on your leg, thigh and butt muscles, not to mention the orgasmic thrill of a tantalizingly slow screw!

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