1. Vortex Vibrations Vacuum Cleaner Sex Toy - Sex Toy of the Day

    The Vortex Vibrations Vacuum Cleaner Sex Toy has been a smash hit with Sex Toys TV viewers thanks to The Professor's star-turn in the Vortex sex toy video. But how did this slightly left-field orgasmic invention come about? Here's a word from inventor Joanne Drysdale…

    "Hello, my name is Joanne Drysdale,

    As the inventor of Vortex Vibrations, one of the newest and most innovative products to come to the market for women's sexual pleasure, I thought I would provide a bit of background on myself and how I came to invent Vortex.

    I am a 49 year old mother of 3 who, after my divorce in 1993, chose to focus on raising my family. This lead me to forgo any pursuit of my own sexual satisfaction, to the point where I spent the next 15 years of my life being celibate. Once my last child left home and I had time to devote to myself again, I discovered that the old adage of "use it or lose it" now applied to me – I felt, for all intents and purposes, that I was dead below the waist.

    Not surprisingly, this caused me some dismay. I decided the time had come to make a change and to take charge of my life, my happiness and my sexuality. In the course of exploring some creative avenues, I began to write a romantic fiction novel. This lead to my first feelings of sexual arousal in many years, however I still couldn't find any release due to the lack of sensation I now experienced in my clitoris. Masturbation wasn't helping – it would sometimes take me up to 40 minutes to achieve an orgasm, if I reached one at all. I developed a condition, which I now know to be called Persistent Arousal Syndrome, and it began to be quite painful.

    In my attempts to alleviate my frustration, I began to think in a more untraditional fashion. Using my background in tool and die making, as well as my well-equipped garage, I began trying out different ideas with different power sources. After several hours, I came up with the prototype for Vortex. The first time I tried it, I reached an orgasm within 10 seconds. Thinking it may have been a by-product of my condition, I tried it again 3 days later. Another incredible orgasm! That was when I knew I was onto something that could, potentially, not only help women like myself, but which could also bring pleasure to all women.

    The rest, as they say, is history. Through the use of Vortex, I have regained sensitivity in my clitoris and taken control of my sexuality, and many other women have told me that Vortex has done the same for them.

    I am happy and proud to have invented Vortex.

    Thank you,
    Joanne Drysdale"