1. Erotic treasure hunt

    Forget sweetie bags, easter eggs or chocolate coins, the best treasure hunts end up with oral sex and full screwing as your deliciously erotic prize.

    If you want to set up an erotic treasure hunt for your lover to participate in, either rent out a hotel suite so that the surroundings are exciting and new, or use your entire space at home to make it more of an event.

    To begin with, make sure that your lover gives you ample time to place your treasure hunt clues around your house/hotel suite and that you have time to have a relaxing bath, put on some sexy lingerie and generally set the mood. So ask your lover to leave for a few hours and come back at a specified time.

    Leave a note on the floor inside the door to your house/hotel room saying something like 'For hot sex, take four paces and turn right.' Each single clue should map out a series of directions to navigate your lover to the room where you are waiting for them.

    With each direction, ask your lover to collect certain sex toys hidden around the space, take off an item of clothing or touch themselves for one full minute so that by the time they reach you they're naked, extremely horny and armed with sex toys.

    Once they've completed their treasure hunt and have successfully reached the room where you're waiting for them, reward your lover with a veritable feast of sexual favours!

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