1. Sex Toy of the Day - Cocktus

    Do you ever gaze at the cacti on trips to the garden centre and ask yourself, 'I wonder what that would feel like in - '? We didn't think so. The Bingo vibrator is one thing, but cactus spines are something else altogether. It looks from this shortlisted design in our Design a Sex Toy competition like the designer took more inspiration from old Road Runner cartoons than peyote. Or maybe the inspiration came from using both together. It's a shame we're not going to make this one - it could have been the Wil E. Coyote of the vibrator world, ready to crush all those cutesy rabbit vibrators into submission.

    As ever, we've kept the grammar and spelling true to the original submission…

    Design A Sex Toy Entry

    Sex toy name: Cocktus

    it's free ispirated from the "i rub my duckie" vibe. the concept is the same. an usual object that becomes a dildo in sexual use. In fact you can put it on your rooms standing on your furniture like a funny, gummy, soft ornament/knicknack. First look is a gummy cactus in his vase, you mustn't hide it when people comes in your home!!!

    It seems really a green cactus in his own vase. It's a dildo, the possibility of vibration is a variation of this object, where the vase becomes a battery charger like a telephon cordless base. (In another variation the cactus becomes only a silicon dress to apply to common vibes.) the cactus' thorns are semi-spheres made by medium hardness gummy material. There three "arms" in this cactus. Central arm is for vaginal use and is flexible but comfortly strong to stimulate g spot. the second little arm is for anal use. the third little arm is for clit stimulation. All arms are covered by the semi-spheres that represents cactus' thorns. I think it's all more understandly and simple when you will see my presentation artwork. thanks for vision

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