1. C-String Thong makes a splash in The Sun

    C-String Thong makes a splash in The Sun "THONGS can only get better for ladies wanting an all-over tan this summer - thanks to this skimpy C-STRING," says The Sun as it gets hot under the collar for Lovehoney's exclusively new C-String Thong.

    "Ami, 20, from Birmingham, reckoned it was a cracking idea," says The Sun, before having Ami show it off in a series of poses. You can see the lingerie slideshow on The Sun's Web site.

    The Sun also went out on the London streets to find out what people thought of the new underwear: "Puzzled pensioner Jean Howard, 65, reckoned it was some sort of headphone before we put her out of her misery." Seems a harsh punishment for not being able to recognise a piece of underwear…

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    • Me: May 25, 2007 10:51
      Wow! She's hot!
    • Bad Kitty: June 07, 2007 10:01
      Genius! I shall be buying mine shortly... BK x x
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