1. Hitachi Magic Wand with UK Power Converter - Sex Toy of the Day

    Hitachi Magic Wand with UK Power Converter review

    Is it a blender? Is it a robotic arm? No, it's a Hitachi Magic Wand. This extra-powerful vibe, not satisfied with having taken the US by storm, is seeking to crush resistance to its eye-popping orgasms here in the UK - and we at Lovehoney are keen to help. Note that, as mentioned in the Orgasm Army review that follows, you can't use it internally out of the box, and will need either the straight probe or G-spot probe attachments.

    "I'd been hearing about the Magic Wand for a long time, and finally decided to get my own.

    First thing you realise when you get it out of the box - it's BIG. The whole thing is longer than my forearm, and the vibrating bit is the size of a tennis ball. It doesn't exactly tuck away discreetly into a bedside cabinet, and it looks more like a kitchen tool than a sex toy.

    However, once you plug it in, you realise the charm of the thing, because it's seriously powerful and *good*. 30-second screaming orgasm through jeans sort of powerful. In terms of power and orgasm strength, it kicks the arse of any battery vibrator I've ever owned, even with fresh-out-the-of-the-packet premium expensive batteries. There are two power settings, and the lower one is usually all the power I could want. However, the Magic Wand can't be used internally unless you buy attachments.

    And it works just fine on feet and shoulders too, as per the hilarious pictures on the box. (It is sold as a massager, and the nudge-nudge wink-wink instructions are very funny.) I may have to get one for my mum…"

    See the full Hitachi Magic Wand with UK Power Converter review at Orgasm Army.

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