1. Get up-close and personal in the Fireside position

    This is a truly gorgeous sex position, ideal for those of you who love to be completely wrapped around your lover while getting all hot and steamy.

    Sit down in an armchair and spread your legs wide enough for your partner to kneel between your legs. Take a generous amount of flavoured lube in your hand and rub it all over his cock while he rubs the same amount into your pussy. Check out either the Wet Flavoured Lubricant in Sweet Cherry or the O My Natural Flavoured Lubricant in Passion Fruit.

    In the Fireside position, why not take full advantage of the fact that you're sitting down and let your lover go down on you for a sizzlin' session of oral sex? When you've had your fill of licking and sucking, gently help your lover to maneuver his cock into your pussy.

    Once your lover is tight inside you, wrap both your legs and arms around your man and lift your back off the armchair so that he can stretch out his hands behind you for thrusting leverage.

    When you're both fully supported and entangled in one another, slowly start grinding against one another and then build it up into a full-on horny but cosy romp.

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    • jo: October 01, 2008 11:28
      any couples for swapping
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