1. Prolong your orgasms with the Peaking Technique

    Having an orgasm is one of those blissful few seconds of your day/week/month where you forget about everything else that's on your mind, simply because you can't think of anything else – your body is consumed with an overwhelming rush of pleasure, lust and horniness that spreads from your throbbing naughty bits to the ends of your toes and out through the top of your head.

    Which is why it's a damn shame that the average orgasm only lasts for around 15-20 seconds. However, besides working your ass off to experience the ultimate pleasure of a multiple orgasm, it is possible to extend those few raunchy seconds of a normal orgasm into a few raunchy minutes. Wanna give it a shot? OK, here's how…

    The Peaking Technique is a fantastic way to extend an average orgasm into a tantalizing lip-trembler. Extremely simple and highly effective, all you need to do for the Peaking Technique to work is this: when your lover's going down on you and you feel yourself starting to climax, tell your lover to stop for a few seconds until your orgasmic 'peaking' subsides.

    Once you're ready to go again, ask your lover to carry on stimulating you until you start to peak again. As before, ask your partner to stop and only start back up again once your peaking has subsided.

    The aim of using the Peaking Technique is to let yourself have a series of mini-orgasmic peaks over a few minutes, with each mini peak building in intensity until you can't resist anymore and surrender yourself to a full-blown 'scream the house down orgasm. Try it tonight! You won't be disappointed…

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