1. Sex Toy of the Day: the Bulge Male Underwear Insert

    Poor old Peter Sullivan. As reported in the Metro on May 14 in an article entitled Rodeo Romeo fails to impress, this fitness trainer allegedly sent a prospective date an email link to his website, asking her what she thought of photos of him dressed up in cowboy outfits, kickboxing and doing the splits.

    Sadly the receptionist was not impressed, describing Mr Sullivan to a colleague as 'the blond cringer' and forwarding his website address to friends who bombarded him with so many 'friendly' emails that he's now removed the 'offending' photos.

    If only he'd read a copy of Superflirt, he could have saved himself so much agony - and if he'd just sent the girl a photo of him packing a Bulge Male Underwear Insert she'd probably still be weak at the knees…

    To read the full Metro story click here.