1. The Randy Wrestling Roll

    Whatever next! My friend just told me about a sex move called the Randy Wrestling Roll, which involves rolling around on your bed or floor with your man while his penis is rammed inside you.

    The aim? Apparently this rough n' tumble sex game is an erotic power battle to see who can stay on top the longest and control the steamy action.

    If you fancy giving your thighs and upper arms a workout, give the Randy Wrestling Roll a shot: start by lying on your side and lube up your pussy and your man's cock. Next, swing one of your legs over your man's hip so that he can put his big dick inside you.

    When he's snug inside your wet pussy, start rolling around the bed, gripping his penis inside you the entire time and try to get on top of your man.

    You'll ultimately end up rolling and writhing around the bed; your pussy rubbing against his cock and his cock pounding away at your pussy as you both wrestle for the power seat and mind-blowing orgasms. Who knew wrestling could be this much fun, eh?

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