1. Cutie Rabbit Tickler Mini Massager - Sex Toy of the Day

    'Thank you Lovehoney' is something we never tire of hearing at LH HQ, and we still get a warm glow whenever we've succeeded in bringing a little more love into people's lives. We've always got some kind of promotion on to tempt you to buy more toys, and while at present we're offering the Mini Dolphin Vibrator free to anyone who spends more than £30 with us, we used to give away the Cutie Rabbit Tickler Mini Massager. And did they find a happy home? According to this Orgasm Army reviewer, she's never looked back…

    "Best freebie in my whole life, ta Lovehoney.

    Got this free with my order, and wow, what a gift! The vibrations are intense. Talk about multiple orgasms. This is a little friend that is a must for anyone's collection.

    So with being doggied by my fella and this running around my clit OMG I couldn't even say STOPPP, the orgasms were so intense. Finally I collapsed in a heap until I eventually came to my senses.

    Hopefully after my next session with this little fella I won't be left unable to place my next order…"

    Buy the Cutie Rabbit Tickler Mini Massager at Lovehoney, or check out our latest freebie offers here