1. Spanking Paddle - Sex Toy of the Day

    If you think spanking is something they used to do to naughty children in Victorian times (and the 1970s), the idea of bringing it into the bedroom might seem a little odd. But many couple are now discovering the joys of bare-bottomed spanking, either with hands or paddles such as this spanking paddle which lives a rather smart (forgive the pun) SLUT imprint on the spankee's bare behind.

    On the Orgasm Army sex toys discussion forum, the Anyone For Spanking? thread, spanking devotees are discussing how to broach the issue with a new partner. And, to be perfectly frank, it sounds like a whole lot of fun…

    Says toolittlesleep: "We stumbled onto the spanking thing by accident. Ms TLS and I were renewing our acquaintence one day and, approaching the point of no return, I spanked her bum. It wasn't intentional (or even particularly conscious) but she loved it. So I did it again. And again. You get the picture. She tried it on me later on, and we discovered that I like it too. It's a whole new world out there…"