1. Eat your way to a better orgasm

    Eat your way to a better orgasm If you and your lover have been together for a few years, chances are that oral sex has taken a back seat in your sexual relationship and that more often than not you settle for one or two quickies a week before hitting the hay.

    If that's the case but you want to bring back your mutual desire for oral, why not try eating your way to orgasm instead?

    With a few of your favourite foods or sauces, you can make oral sex sessions much more appealing. Imagine if the only time you could eat chocolate was when licking chocolate sauce off your lover's penis? You'd be a lot more willing to give him head then…

    If strawberries are your favourite treat, why not mash some up in a bowl, sprinkle them with nutmeg then rub them over your lover's pussy or penis before taking your time to lick and eat them off?

    Or you could try a flavoured lubricant like ID Juicy Lube as a lip-smacking treat.

    By making oral sex a fun, tasty treat, you'll both be raring to go the next time.

    And imagine how much fun your grocery shopping will be from now on!

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