1. Extra Large Adult Sex Toy Case - Sex Toy of the Day

    Hiding your sex toys from prying eyes (whether they belong to your children, your flatmate or the home-help) is a priority for many people. On Orgasm Army, the Hiding them from the Kids thread has lots of handy hints for keeping your privates, er, private.

    It looks like the only way to be really sure is to keep your sex toys under lock and key in a dressing table or bedside cabinet. Or a safe. This Adult Sex Toy Case can help if you don't have suitably equipped bedroom furniture - it's supplied with a padlock and key.

    You have to feel for Orgasm Army member Pink Sock who went on holiday to find that her toy chest had been invaded…

    "I actually went overseas to live for a year and left my toys in a box that was taped up to the max. Unfortunately curiosity must have gotten the better of a family member, because when I returned the tape had been cut and taped over… I had to throw the toys out after someone suggested my mother had been using them…"


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