1. Sex Toy of the Day - The G-Whizzer Mega Vibe

    Gwhizzer Sex Toy (small picture) Looks painful, doesn't it? All those hard plastic edges and that long spiny bit… but educational somehow, the kind of toy you could hand in as the practical part of a Design GCSE exam. If they have such things. And your teacher might well prefer a CyberSkin Cyber Suck (if he's a he) or a Vibrating Rock Chick (if she's a she). Still, at least this also-ran entry in our Design a Sex Toy competition isn't made out of Meccano - that would mean the contestant, who we suspect to be someone close to Lovehoney's heart, really did have a screw loose…

    Design A Sex Toy Entry

    Sex toy name: The G-Whizzer Mega Vibe

    It's a combined clitoral and G-spot stimulating vibe. The top part has interchangeable heads to suit your mood, while the bottom part can be angled to hit your G-spot. The real thing won't be made of Lego.

    The really clever thing about it is that there are 2 really clever things about it. First, the top part has interchangeable heads, so you can tickle your fancy in a variety of ways. There would be a rabbit ears clitoral stimulator, one like a curly wurly tongue and one that's a bit stiffer and longer.

    But the best really clever thing is that the bottom part of the curve is actually hinged, so you can angle the internal section to hit exactly the right spot when it's inside you. This has the added advantage of pleasuring the G-spot precisely while you've got perfect position to stimulate the clitoris.

    AND, if you want to use it for internal stimulation with no G-spot stimulation, you just straight it out and off you go. AND, both the clitoral stimulator and the the G-spot stimulator vibrate at the same time, but with speeds controlled independently.

    AND, it would be an ace toy for lesbian couples. BRILLIANT! I think it will be made of hypoallergenic silicone - feels soft and is kind to the skin. Will probably take 2 or 3 AA batteries - more rather than fewer, because it will be vibrating at both ends.

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