1. My fast fuck in a fast food joint

    I was absolutely hammered. I lot one of my shoes on the way home from the nightclub and my mates were laughing hysterically at my skirt hitched in my panties. Nice of them to let me know… a whole five minutes after leaving the club.

    We needed to eat quickly because the booze was starting to make all of us feel a little queasy. I usually watch what I eat, but you know how it is when you're stinking drunk: nothing will fill the gap unless it's greasy, fatty and bad for you.

    We stumbled into a take-away and tried hard to focus on the menu. I was struggling so much to read the board through my beer goggles that I didn't even notice the slightly gangly but ever so pretty Italian guy standing behind the counter. He was shouting something to his colleagues and laughing in our general direction. I immediately went on the defensive and asked him what the hell his problem was.

    Turns out he wasn't laughing at us; he was laughing at a show on the TV behind us. Hey, we all get double vision when we're pissed! I apologized immediately but he didn't seem to mind. In fact, I think he was rather impressed with my feisty attitude. After ordering a chicken burger and fries and eating them on the filthy canteen furniture in a small 'seating' section of the take-away, I started to sober up.

    As my mates continued to dissect their kebabs to separate the meat from the fat, I made a break for the loo. Bursting to wee, I practically ran down the corridor towards the toilets and crashed into the Italian on my way. A tiny bit of wee came out, but that was the last thing on my mind…

    Maybe it was the booze, or maybe his gorgeous dark eyes and dazzling white teeth blinding me in my booze-sodden state, but within seconds we were locked in a fierce grip and tumbling through the toilet door, lips smacking and teeth knocking against each other's like a pair of teenagers going at it for the first time.

    I could feel the Italian's hand scrabbling for the door lock behind me and felt a surge of excitement when I realized it wouldn't lock: this would have to be one hell of a fast fuck! I grabbed him by the shoulders and tried to pin him against the door, but he was rammed with testosterone and his bulging cock was having none of that submissiveness shit.

    He spun me back round and hitched my skirt over my hips as I yanked at his belt and stripped him to his hairy knees. His long slender fingers slid in to my wet pussy and darted in and out, stretching my hole to accommodate his massive throbbing cock stood proud in front of him.

    As I swung my right leg around his taught hips, he plunged his dick deep inside me and pulled my other leg up around his waist for leverage. He pounded me for two-minutes solid against the toilet door, biting my neck and greedily trying to get his fingertips in my anus. I came hard, grinding my pussy against him as he shuddered and convulsed inside me. When he pulled out he tried to go down on me to soak up all my juices, but I was to tender for such a sudden reprisal, so instead I settled for a piss.