1. Your man's top secret sex zone uncovered

    Most girlies know the common erogenous zones on their lover's body, but there's one top secret, super sexy zone that you can stimulate to get your man's blood truly pumping…say hello to the cremaster muscle!

    By now you should have worked out that your man's testicles react to changes in temperature: the colder the air, the more his testicles pull upwards; the warmer the air, the more your man's testicles hang down.

    The muscle that's responsible for those contractions is called the cremaster muscle, which lines the inside of the scrotum and progresses into your man's groin where it's able to control testicular contractions.

    Aside from changes in temperature, the cremaster muscle reacts to sexual stimulation, whereby your man's balls contract and pull upwards just before he's about to shoot his load. And it's at this point where you'll be able to use your newfound knowledge of the cremaster muscle to give your man a mind-blowing orgasm…

    Start off by giving your man a stimulating lower back and thigh massage, using your well-oiled hands and tits to rub him down. Once you've massaged your man's lower back and the back of his thighs, flip him over and massage his abdomen and upper and inner thighs, again using plenty of edible massage oil.

    You should then start tracing your tongue over the inside of his thighs towards his balls, sucking each one into your mouth in turn. As you begin to give your man a blowjob, gently tug on his balls and pull them down ever so softly. This will delay his ejaculation and make his build-up to orgasm seem twice or even three times as long as normal.

    Once you've tugged your man's testicles a few times, he should be able to let you know how soft/hard, slow/fast he wants you to do it, enabling you to establish a steady rhythm between your lips and tongue and your hands, guaranteed to push him over the edge like never before.

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