1. Further confessions of a Love Sex Machine maniac

    Love Sex Machine with FREE UK power converter review
    Just when you thought it was safe to look at our sex stories blog again… our intrepid Orgasm Army reviewer keith.b has penned another lengthy piece that moves out of the realm of reviews and into something altogether different. Last time it was his girlfriend being strapped to the machine. This time the tables are turned - read on to see what's going on behind closed curtains on your street right now! Possibly, anyway…

    "I used this on my girlfriend a few months ago. Now she says it's my go. I got undressed and put a towel on while we got it set up. She then tied me to some hooks in the ceilling against the wall and tied two straps around my knees and pulled my legs up to my chest and wide apart.

    Then she set up our video camera. She put the machine onto a table in front of me. Just then the doorbell rang, and the next thing I knew she was wallking into the room with her female friend.

    She said to me, 'I knew you wouldn't mind her watching' (what choice did I have strung up like this?). Her friend then removed the towel, exposing all. My girl fitted the penis sleeve onto me and turned it on to slow.

    The feeling was incredible, like nothing I have felt before, and it was not long before I was ejaculating with such force that I could feel the sleeve filling up. They turned it off to let me rest and went into the other room.

    I could hear doors opening and giggling but thought nothing of it. Then they both came back and turned it back on slow. It was thrusting the sleeve up and down my penis and in about 20 seconds I climaxed again.

    They turned it up a bit more and turned the vibrator on slow as well. That was it - I ejaculated again and by now it was coming out of the end and dripping on the floor, then I remember passing out.

    When I woke up the machine was still on, then I saw it there were 6 or 7 other girls standing around watching me. My girl turned the vibrator up to fast and I was off again, climaxing in front of all these women.

    It was very embarrassing at first, but I was too far gone to worry. Then she turned the power up to half way and I was coming again then passed out. When I woke again there were 2 more girls there but I couldn't care less by now.

    She turned the machine and vibrator on slow and was turning them up slowly. I started to come again - it was breathtaking - and shot my load, then one of the girls pushed a finger up me and was massaging my prostrate.

    This started me off again. My girl turned it up to half way and I came again. The girl with her finger in my bum slipped it out and they turned it up to full power. I was shaking all over and the machine was pumping very fast. I came again then passed out.

    When I woke up I was lying on the floor covered with a towel. There was just my girl and one of her friends left. Then my girl lifted her dress over her head and jumped on me. She started bouncing up and down and was climaxing after 20 seconds.

    Then her friend asked if she could have a go. We both said yes (well how could I say no?) so she stripped and got on, lowering her self on slowly as she was very tight. She then started to thrust herself up and down and it wasn't long before we both came together. My penis was wrecked but whatever."

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