1. The Love Sex Machine - a happy customer reveals all

    Having obviously broken the bank buying a Love Sex Machine to satisfy his younger girlfriend's sexual needs, Orgasm Army reviewer keith.b is clearly keen to break into the gonzo video market to make some money back. What follows is the account of a pretty intense session - we're not sure whether you should or shouldn't try this at home… and if anyone takes the reviewer up on his offer of a video, please leave us a comment and let us know what it's like! The other reviews of this hi-tech toy (which we've shown in a short film - educational, of course) also wax lyrical about the machine: one woman tells us that 'I shake with excitment when I'm going to use it'. So what are you waiting for?

    'My girlfriend is 20 years my junior so I have a problem keeping up with her. We already have lots of sex toys so we got one of these. One afternoon we decided to try it out, so after I stripped her I tied her up doggy style with her legs as far apart as possible on the table. Then I put plenty of lube on and in her vagina and inserted the vibrator into her.

    I turned it on slowly to start with and it started thrusting in and out of her very tight vagina. She was moaning after 20 seconds then she came with an almighty climax that went on for about 30 seconds. I turned it off to let her rest and she collapsed onto it, thrusting the vibrator right up to its hilt.

    This made her start to slide up and down the full length of it. I watched her, and at the right time she was ready so I turned the vibrator on and she came again with such force she passed out.

    So I turned the vibrator off and the machine on and it started pumping in and out of her while she was asleep - she came again in no time, so when she'd finished I turned the vibrator on and turned the speed of the machine up to half way and started filming her.

    It wasn't long before she was coming again. I slowed the machine down then inserted 3 radio controlled bullets up her backside, which wasn't difficult considering the position she was in, and as I had my finger inside her backside she came again.

    I turned it all off and after a while she woke up. She begged me to turn the machine on again so I did. In no time she started to come again and as she was finnishing the doorbell went and it was her friend.

    I told my girlfriend who it was and she said to let her in, so as I went back to the door I turned the machine up again and turned on the vibrator. I went back to the door and told her friend to come in. Her boyfriend was there as well. I told them both to come in and we went into the other room.

    My girlfriend had passed out again so we all stood and watched her, and when I turned the machine up to full power she came again. I turned it all off and after a while she woke up and seeing her friend and her boyfriend watching she said to me 'Again please', so I started it up again along with the vibrator.

    After a while I turned it up and she started coming again in front of us all watching but she was too far gone to care - she spurted out of the side of the vibrator with a screaming climax.

    She started to calm down and asked me to stop it but her friend turned the thing up to full speed and as she started coming again I turned all 3 remote control bullets on. Well, the look on her face was amazing and she came for the last time… (film on request)'

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    • randy: May 23, 2007 00:14
      woah!!!!dude dats sexayyy.....email me the video dude....i need to c dis.....
    • Mory: July 23, 2007 17:42
      love your style of writing! please let me see the vid!!
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