1. Who let the dogs out? Sex toys for your pooch

    Sick of your furry friend humping strangers' ankles? Tired of taking trousers to the drycleaners to have the pawprints and suspect white stains removed? Stop being so bloody selfish and buy your dog a Feel Addicted) advise, in slightly garbled English, that 'the pink hole beside (the most important part!) needs to be washed regularly for hygienic reasons. Once clean, you can apply some female odour spray on it (the spray is an accessorie) several times per month, when your dog seems sexually hungry or nervous.'

    So next time your poodle whimpers after catching a glimpse of next-door's Dobermann, let him bury his anxieties in Hotdoll's hot pink rubber sleeve.

    Best comments on the gizmodo page: 'That's just weird. I mean part of the fun of having small dogs is seeing how far you can fling them when they get too friendly with your leg'; '"Oh look mommy, a squeaky toy!" NONONO HONEY DON'T SQUEEZE IT!! Oh dear.'

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