1. Car sex

    Fancy a quick one on the way home from work tonight? There's tons of different ways you can do it, but my favourite is having sex in the passenger seat.

    Simple, effective and great for giving your man the ultimate view of your ass and arched back, get him to sit in the passenger seat and lower your lubed pussy onto his well-oiled cock. All you need to do is place both hands on the dashboard and use your arms and upper-leg strength to push against the dashboard and floor in an up-down grinding movement.

    This position gives both of you control over the level and pace of thrusting, while leaving your man free to use his hands on your tits and clit. If you're feeling really saucy you could finish up by having sex on the car bonnet: spread your legs wide and let him pummel you into submission. It'll be the ride of your life! Just make sure you do it in a secluded road and not on the motorway…

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