1. In the papers: sex is great exercise - not a crime!

    A couple of mildly diverting sex-related stories spotted in the papers: The Sun adds to that old tabloid standby, the inappropriate 999 call, the story of a man calling the police after his wife refused to have sex with him. Apparently he complained that he was being denied his 'matrimonial rights' and wanted an ambulance crew to 'examine' her. The request was denied. To read the full story click here. For similar situations we recommend Fleshlights or, if the object for the couple was an actual medical examination, our broad range of medical toys.

    Or perhaps she could have been persuaded to read a story in the Metro about a campaign launched by the British Heart Foundation to persuade people to incorporate more exercise into their lives. According to the Metro article, which you can read here, 'One poster shows a man washing his car with his dog while another is of a naked man embracing his partner'. At least they didn't get them mixed up…

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