1. shopping naked for sex toys

    Fancy a new sex toy? Well, before you start surfing your favourite sex toy website, make sure you read this saucy little excerpt taken from a short erotic story called 0, written by Nuala Deuel and featured in Black Lace's Wicked Words Sex And Shopping.

    'Inga rose shakily to her feet and pressed her fingers lightly against her mons. A residual tremor existed there. She was still excited from her orgasm and by the time she reached her bedroom and jiggled the mouse to chase away the screen saver, she knew that she was going to have to trawl the web one-handed. But not to some grinding background of white noise.

    She dumped the vibrator in her underwear drawer and reached for the beautiful, thick twelve-inch glass dildo she had bought in Amsterdam the previous summer. It didn't gyrate, it didn't throb and it had a tendency to feel a little chilly, but that was what she craved right now. She sat naked on the office chair in front of her Apple Mac, her legs spread, cunt titled toward the screen, sliding the end of the dildo all over her fizzing, swollen pussy lips.

    She clicked through her favourite bookmarks, enjoying the gentle slip and slide of the tool as she slithered it tenderly across her opening, not yet wanting to fuck herself into oblivion. The filed list of sites that she had previously patronized seemed suddenly too pedestrian; she wondered if she had taken her proclivity too far and had become jaded: nothing on the pages aroused her as it once had.

    She desultory ordered some strap-ons because she liked the colours and the quality harnesses. She bought some large steel cock rings of various diameters and a few of the lifelike vaginas, just for fun. But none of it was connecting with that little zone in the pit of her stomach, the place that was like some secret internal mouth forever locked in an O of surprise and arousal.

    She grew bored of her usual haunts and typed a few keywords into the search bar. Lifelike, sex toys, ultimate, realistic. She realized that what she was actually looking for was a man as soon as she hit the return key, but by then she was too engrossed by the jags of pleasure ramping through her clit to consider what this meant.

    She spread her legs even wider and eased the bulbous head of the glass into her. The shaft of the dildo was a beautifully shaped series of concentric circles, like thick ribs, and she felt each one as she swallowed the fat glass, inch by inch.

    Her pussy lips rippled around the girth of the dildo. She felt filled up, stretched. The tip nudged up against her cervix and a low moan shifted wetly around the base of her throat. She began to slowly pump the glass cock in and out of her drooling quim as the search results came back in. In a daze, feeling her control dwindle, she glanced down the familiar list of names, most of the links coloured red to indicate she had visited them before. There was one website that had escaped her attention: www.o.com

    It must be new. She clicked on it, imaging the dark eyes of her imperious ghost lover peering intently into her own as she bore down on the orgasm waiting to be hatched inside her. She felt herself tip over that invisible edge and had to put out her hand to steady herself as the legs of the chair she was sitting on skidded back away from the table.

    Her release was like a series of circles that rippled away from that tight little nub of pleasure at the top of her cunt. Whenever she felt her orgasm, she thought of the old buzzing from a mast on top of the world. She imagined the peristaltic spasm of a ring of muscles desperate to squeeze the ecstasy from her body because it couldn't hope to stay intact if they remained behind…'

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