1. Great sex positions: The Italian Chandelier

    More sex positions in the Pocket Kama Sutra One for all you exercise fanatics! If you want a high-impact sex position that supposedly burns a whopping 912 calories, The Italian Chandelier, aka The Italian Hanger, is second-to-none.

    Not for lazy girls who like to lie back and let their man do all the work, The Italian Chandelier takes a great deal of upper body strength and relies on a strong set of stomach muscles and lower back prowess.

    Get it right, and not only will you look and feel more toned if you do it on a regular basis, but the level of penetration for your man and friction impact upon your pussy is unreal.

    If you fancy giving this strenuous position a shot (hey, it beats working out to the latest Rosemary Connolly DVD), here's what you need to do:

    Lie on top of your partner so that you're facing him and arch your back so that your abdomen is in direct contact with his, allowing for good penetration.

    Once his penis is inside you, retract your back and hollow out your tummy, then arch your back again so that your abdomen is flat against his and full penetration is allowed.

    Get into a rhythm performing these two moves and you'll soon feel it working – toning your stomach, lower back and upper arms, as well as rocking you and your lover to a raunchy orgasm.

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