1. The Stud Strap makes XFanz adult entertainment site whimper in fear

    The stud strapYou'd have thought US site www.xfanz.com, the 'World's Adult Entertainment Capital', was beyond being shocked by anything in the weird and wonderful world of sex toys. But a recent entry saw one of their intrepid reporters musing various worst-case scenarios involving the stud strap and professing himself 'extremely hesitant to let my partner pull a strap that's connected to my balls'. We at Lovehoney think that maybe it's time he looked for a new partner … we like the Stud Strap so much we've even made a short film about it!

    The full XFanz story: 'There's a new sex toy on the market that reportedly delays male ejaculation. It's called the Stud Strap and is available at Lovehoney.co.uk.

    As men approach climax, their testicles rise. The Stud Strap (gulp!) wraps around the scrotum and gives men the power to decide when they want to ejaculate. By tugging gently on the handle as orgasm approaches, either you or your partner can keep you from cumming for as long as you want - unless, of course, having your balls tugged turns you on. Then you've wasted $7.99.

    Am I the only one who would be extremely hesitant to let my partner pull a strap that's connected to my balls? I mean, let's just say that your gal's overly enthusiastic - or, worse yet, realllllly angry with you for something she thinks you did - and she gives it the old "Hercules yank." Thwap! There goes your seed sack. And I've got news for ya, folks. It's not like you're dealing with a severed toe or a leg here. Doctors can at least sew those things back on. Your balls, they ain't so lucky.'

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