1. Double lube for double orgasms

    Supersex Orgasm Enhancer Gel My friend had a miscarriage a few months ago and found it really difficult to become wet during foreplay, which made sex with her partner very sore and painful.

    My friend's GP advised her that this would happen for some time and that it's only natural considering what her body had been through, but my friend isn't one to hang around waiting for nature to take its course, especially since she and her partner are desperate for a baby.

    So, she went on a quest to find the ultimate lubricant to make her wet, horny and silky smooth for her lover's penis. In other words, she wanted the ultimate lubricant that could bring on double the orgasms for both her and her lover, increasing their chances of getting pregnant.

    After litres of lube and many painful sessions of dry sex, my friend has finally found the holy grail of lubricants - she uses two at once: Tracey Cox's Supersex Orgasm Enhancer Gel and Liquid Silk Lube.

    This velvety smooth Liquid Silk lubricant makes her fantastically wet for sex, while the Superex Orgasm Gel provides her with intense orgasms and increased sensitivity.

    Whilst she's not pregnant yet, my friend and her lover are having a lot of sexy fun and a ton of orgasms trying to get there.