1. Tracey Cox tells us how to talk dirty

    Tracey Cox's Quickies World-renowned sexpert Tracey Cox's new book Quickies is a life saver in a world where most people seem to be doing more and more in less and less time. Don't have the time for great sex? There's nothing wrong with quick sex - it can be more intense than longer sessions, but you'll need to work at making the most of the moment. One easy way to do this is to talk dirty to each other. If you're feeling shy, or not sure what to say, take a couple of tips from Tracey's book, chock full of great ideas for squeezing all you can from your adult fun!

    'Most men beat women hands down when it comes to talking dirty. All those lad mags have made you immune to 'bad' words and you really don't care if what you say sounds cliched or cheesy, because you know dirty talk always sounds ridiculous when taken out of context (and often while in it). But do you care if you sound like a pathetically stilted porn extra? Nah! You're too busy enjoying the effect your words are having on the both of you! Pay attention, girls, and push embarrassment to one side. Saying rude things to each other or describing current, future or imaginary action excites most of us because it's something 'nice' people don't do. 'Nice' girls don't swear or get horny, and 'nice' boys pretend not to notice if we do (yeah, right). Lots of us make love in silence, so any sort of noise is mildly shocking. And describing out loud what the two of you are up to is particularly risque.'

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