1. The perfect 69

    There's two great ways to get the most out a 69 position. My favourite is being on top of my lover with my pussy on his face and his cock in my mouth. Why? Because it gives me great access to his cock and it gives him great access to lick and eat out my pussy while stimulating my ass at the same time.

    The other way you could try a 69 is for you and your love to both lie on your side, with you facing his cock and him facing your pussy. The only drawback with this position for is that you'll have to spread your legs a little wider to allow your man better access to your pussy, but you'll both feel a lot more supported when propped up on the bed and it's a great introduction to the 69 position if you're a bit shy about sitting on your man's face at first.

    Unless you enjoy the feeling of having a cricked neck, avoid him on top of you in a 69 because you will constantly have to crane your neck up and down to get enough of his penis into your mouth to make it worthwhile. Stick with the first two variations and 69 will most definitely be your lucky number.

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