1. Sex toys to test your inner beauty

    Vibrating Pleasure Periscope Beauty is, as they say, only skin deep. Or it was until some recent developments in sex toy technology, anyway! Medics are renowned for their ability to ooh and aah over a particularly attractive liver, and thanks to Lovehoney you too can join in as spectator or entrant in this ongoing beauty contest for the inside of people's bodies.

    The Vibrating Pleasure Periscope is a hi-tech vibrating probe with built-in periscope light and viewing window so you can see all the action, while for the full audiovisual treat you'll also need Dr Love's Stuffoscope, a realistic dildo that allows your partner to listen to your innermost secrets. If nothing else, familiarity with these medical sex toys will let you know when your GP is overstepping the mark with a bit of extracurricular play! Last but not least, something you may actually encounter during your trip to the doctor: why not keep your craving to find out what's inside a girl low-tech and authentic with a speculum?

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