1. How to swallow without swallowing

    It's a fact of life that some girls just don't enjoy swallowing when giving head. Your guy would obviously love to fill your mouth with his man juices after an explosive orgasm, but if you're not into it then there is a sexy solution to satisfy both of you.

    All you need to do is grip your lover's cock below the 'head,' and when he's about to come let him squirt into your mouth, hold it there until he's finished then open your mouth and let it dribble over his penis. My lover goes wild whenever I do this, as the tip of his cock is still ultra-sensitive from orgasming and the sensation of fluid flowing over his dick is delicious.

    If you want to be really naughty, dribble it over his penis and then rub your chin gently over and around his cock so that your face is covered in his cum. This looks amazingly sexy and will provide your guy with an erotic mental picture that he can masturbate over for months.

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    • gem: May 03, 2007 10:54
      well it sounds really good now i cannot wait 2 see my lads face when i do it to his cock
    • gem: May 03, 2007 10:57
      i love my b/f to bits and me tryin something different like this it will be worth it to see his sexy face lv ya mic x
    • natalie: October 05, 2007 01:01
      sound like the kind of stuff they do in porn movies. the fella will love it :P
    • babygirl: January 24, 2008 21:43
      My man loves it when I save the cum in my mouth then go up and kiss him with it...soooo diirrty...we love it!
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