1. The Promiscuous Pincer sex toy

    You've let a butterfly tickle your clit. You've let a double bunny's ears massage your anus. But a crab? If the words 'crabs' and 'sex' bring to mind only pictures of unwanted genital infestations, this entry in our Design a Sex Toy competition should encourage you to shrug off your kabourophobian prejudices (that means 'fear of crabs', for those of you who don't want to look it up). Having always been shocked and dismayed by the lack of marine-themed sex toys - just imagine what the eight-armed octopus could do! - we're tickled pink by the idea of the Promiscuous Pincer, 'inspired by the claw of a friendly toy crab'. All together now… aaaah!

    Design A Sex Toy Entry

    Sex toy name: The Promiscuous Pincer

    Description: The Promiscuous Pincer is a versatile stimulating device that can act as a unique shaped dildo, or stimulate both the clit-vagina/anus-vagina at the same time. The device can also be used for some girl-girl or girl-boy action.

    The Pincer has a unique shape and design inspired by the claw of a friendly toy crab. Unlike a normal sharp pincer of a crab, the Promiscuous Pincer is smooth, round, playful and cute. The look of the Pincer is not only special but also very functional. When the Pincer is closed, the device acts as a dildo. When it is open, it can provide a myriad number of sensations.

    The device is made of plastic and feels hard, however the outer layer will be covered by a softer layer of plastic (silicone) that feels nice. The device can vibrate, with the tips of the pincer focusing the vibrations to certain spots. When the pincers are closed, the device acts as a dildo. However, it is not a normal dildo as its shape provides a very distinct sensation. The sensation will be especially strong for women as one of the collapsed tips of the pincer will tuck into a hole, so when the pincer is closed one of the tips will focus pleasure in certain areas - think G-spot.

    The pincers can be opened to different extents and locked in position if required; enabling it to be used in many situations. The pincer can be opened slightly so that the dildo expands and provides a different sensation. When opened a bit more, the larger pincer will act as a dildo, while the small pincer will nicely wrap over the pussy acting as a special pussy massager; with the tips focusing stimulation to the clitoris. In this mode, the Pincer can also pleasure the vagina and the anus at the same time.

    If the Pincer is opened even wider, it unleashes the possibilities of fun for two! The pincers are connected to a handle which can allow the pincers to move freely or lock them in place. The handle also stores the power that provides the pleasuring vibrations. A dial will be at the bottom of the handle to select the mode of vibration. This could be continuous, from strong to weak intensity or special modes that vibrate in a certain rhythm.

    Further extensions to the device will include a warming module that will allow the user to alter the heat emitted from the device from ocean cool to Mediterranean hot. This will add to the crab pincer/beach theme and provide further pleasure. Since plastic is not super conductive, metal conductor spots allocated strategically around the device (under the soft skin layer) will transmit the warmth to target areas. The Promiscuous Pincer will certainly become one of the most orgasmic as well as iconic sex toys ever.