1. If you have a toe fetish and you're into lesbian sex, this story is for you!

    Black Lace's Wicked Words Sex In The Office The following excerpt is take from a short story called Footsie 100, written by Heather Towne and published as part of Black Lace's Wicked Words Sex In The Office.

    'Karen, your three month probation period is up today. And this is the fourth time in three months that I've caught you daydreaming when you should have been working.' She held up my personnel file and then continued in a business-like manner. 'What are you thinking about when you're supposed to be working, anyway?'

    I sucked some cool air into my overworked lungs, pondered the possibilities and made up my mind. It was now or never. I stood and walked over to Vanessa, pulled her from her chair and walked her infront of the desk.

    'What are you doing?' she exclaimed, startled by the bad, bold look in my baby blues. Her words caught in her beautiful throat when I bent down in front of her and began caressing her legs. 'This is what I've been dreaming about, Ms Sanchez,' I confided, 'day and night.' I urgently felt up her legs with no intention of taking no for an answer.

    In a matter of a few fleet minutes that seemed like sexually charged hours, I had my boss flat on her back on the desk, her hands groping her overripe tits, polishing her jutting nipples while I excitedly pulled off her inky stockings and sucked on her slender brown toes. I sucked both of her big toes into my mouth at once, and my head bobbed up and down like I was sucking a rock-hard cock.

    'Yes,' she moaned, like I knew she'd moan, her body jumping each and every time I licked at her feet – I licked hard and often. I bathed her beautiful, bronzed feet with my tongue, sucked on her toes again, kissed and nipped at her sculpted ankles and squeezed her fleshy calves in my hands.

    Then I placed her sparkling feet between my legs, squeezed them tight, holding them upright with my knees and quickly pulled off my cashmere sweater and lacy black bra. I lifted her legs back up and pressed her naked feet against my full, bare creamy white breasts. 'That feels so good,' I murmured, rubbing her feet against my tits and chest.

    'Let me do it,' she said. I let go of one of her legs and watched and felt her use her tender feet to massage my tingling breasts. The sensual delight of her sun-kissed feet on my big, pale breasts and pink nipples made me weak in the knees.

    Vanessa rubbed my juicy globes and with her feet, played with my rigid nipples with her toes then took one over-sized tit between both of her feet and squeezed, fondled and caressed.

    Before I knew it and way before I wanted it, I found myself teetering on the brink of a castastrophic orgasm. I grabbed onto Vanessa's loving feet and before I exploded in premature ecstasy I opened my eyes and said, 'I want your toes in my cunt.'

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