1. How to have your first orgasm

    Durex Mint Tingle Play Lubricant Orgasms produce one of the most amazing feelings in the entire world. A feeling that your body is awash with pleasure and abandonment, and for those few seconds spanning when your orgasm begins, builds and ends, you forget about absolutely everything else around you.

    You could say that having an orgasm is the most natural kinds of stress relief ever, not to mention that the more orgasms you have the more you will have: orgasm begets orgasm, in a sense.

    So if think you've had an orgasm but are unsure, chances are you haven't had one yet, otherwise you'd know for sure!

    How you get to orgasm differs from person to person, but there are many things you can try to get your pulse racing. Here are a few for you to try at home tonight:

    Create a sexy atmosphere
    You're never gonna orgasm while rubbing yourself during an episode of Eastenders. Sitting on the coach, slumped in jogging bottoms and listening to Dot Cotton ramble on while chuffing 20 cigarettes isn't sexy, so start by creating the right atmosphere.

    You should pay the same amount of attention to creating a sexy mood for yourself as you do when planning a night of horniness with a lover. Run a luxurious bath, light some scented candles and read some erotic fiction while soaking in the tub.

    The story that you read will help create an 'erotic library' in your mind, providing you with sensual scenarios to masturbate over when playing with yourself.

    Use your head
    Unless you're using sex toys to bring you to orgasm, it's great fun to dream-up a sexy situation or think back upon an erotic story you have read. Put yourself in the starring role and your juices will soon be flowing at the thought of all those horny encounters.

    If you're feeling really adventurous, why not try watching some soft porn? Lesbian sex or scenes or oral sex performed on women are a great turn-on and are guaranteed to get you all fired up.

    Get into position
    If this is your first attempt at having an orgasm, it's best to keep things simple to begin with. Lie back on your bed with your legs open and some juicy lubricant to hand – the Durex Mint Tingle Play Lube is great for masturbation.

    Pump or squeeze out a generous amount of lube and slowly drizzle it onto your clitoris. You can then gently but firmly start to rub it over and around the entrance to your pussy.

    Your entire pelvic floor is highly sensitive to sexual stimulation, so use your fingers to gently probe in and out, almost like having sex with a very small penis.

    You'll soon get the hang of what turns you on; some women get turned on by rubbing their pussy and clit hard and fast, while some prefer a tantalizingly slow build-up from tracing one or two fingers back and forth over their clit while using their other hand to stimulate their vagina and anus.

    Take notes
    When you're in the throws of orgasm it's pretty damn hard to remember exactly what got you there, but it's worth making a mental note of what turns you on and how you liked to be touched because when it comes to your lover bringing you to orgasm, you can direct them as to what you love the most and can help make your orgasm a much more rewarding and sensual experience for both of you.