1. The Knuckle Thruster sex toy

    Knuckle Thruster Sex Toy (small picture)Make love not war! While many of the products Lovehoney stocks follow the swords into ploughshares concept - think of the missile-shaped Colt 12-inch Rocket Anal Tool, for instance - few toy ideas are quite as ingenious as this also-ran entry in our Design a Sex Toy competition. Apparently inspired by unsubstantiated accounts of gay Glasgow gangs adapting some of their favourite weapons in the wake of the first wave of ecstasy use in the late 80s, the knuckle thruster has it all: street smarts, adaptable connectors and vicious chic.

    Design A Sex Toy Entry

    Sex toy name: Knuckle Thruster

    Description: The Knuckle Thruster is the ultimate anal tool for gay sex play. As you can guess from the name, it's based on a knuckle duster, but it's used for pleasure not fighting.

    You slide your fingers through the handpiece, as you would a regular knuckle duster, and across the top of your fingers is a flat piece which has a universal connector on it. I'd suggest something like the Vac-U-Lock plug-and-play adaptor if they'd let us use it. The Knuckle Thruster is supplied with a variety of attachments - a butt plug, smooth tool and some more more interesting shapes. The attachments can also be made and sold separately, like Vac-U-Lock products, so when the customer has bought the main Knuckle Thruster unit, they can come back and buy all the parts that they want.

    I originally thought it would be a toy for gay men, but I think that it would be suitable for straight and lesbian couples, too. After all, they have backdoor sex as well. Plus it could also come with attachments with clitoral stimulators so it could be used for frontdoor sex. It would probably be made of soft-but-strong rubber. The attachments would be TPR or some skin-safe material. I think the Knuckle Thruster would sell for £24.99 with one or two attachments included. Extra attachements would cost £9.99 each. It would be available in black and pink.

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