1. Secret Squirrel sex toy

    They're furry. They're cute. They have long fluffy tails, and gnaw on acorns in an endearingly teeth-chattering fashion. So why shouldn't squirrels be used as the inspiration for sex toys? This also-ran entry in our Design a Sex Toy competition shows what happens when sex-crazed imaginations are led to gentle woodland idylls, fed cider and given a pad of paper and a pencil. You'll never look at the toothy little critters the same way again. Now otters, that's different: they really are something …

    Secret Squirrel Sex Toy

    Design A Sex Toy Entry

    Sex toy name: Secret Squirrel

    Description: Secret Squirrel is your undercover friend, taking girls to orgasm heaven. As well as vibrating on both the sides and the top of the clitoris, the tail squirts lube, so it can be easily inserted for even more pleasure.

    Secret Squirrel is a discreetly packaged sex toy for anyone who doesn't want to be too obvious. It is made of grey plastic, with a grey rubber tail, and comes in a presentation tin with pictures of real squirrels on the front … no hint of what's inside! Secret Squirrel has two vibrating arms, and these can be positioned on both sides of the clitoris. As well as that, Secret Squirrel has an adjustable neck which tilts forward. This means that his pointy nose, which also vibrates, can be positioned to massage the top of the clitoris. Secret Squirrel is controlled by buttons on the side. There is an on/off button and also two sliding mechanisms to control the strength of the vibrations. The first slide controls the vibrating head and arms. The second slide controls the rotating balls in the tail. The tail will act like the shaft of a penis, and is designed in soft rubber to be inserted. Press the squirrel's foot and lubricant comes out of the tail, making insertion even easier. No need to reach for extra lubricant with Secret Squirrel. Inside the presentation tin, Secret Squirrel has a sachet of sex toy wipes to keep it clean, and a bottle of lube. Use the bottle to refill the lube through a hole in Secret Squirrel's bottom. Secret Squirrel. Action … undercover.

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    • Lunar Lunacy: January 13, 2010 02:24
      This one actually seems well thought out. I mean, I wouldn't use it, but its an interesting idea.
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