1. Be a babe magnet - how to flirt by Tracey Cox

    Tracey Cox's SuperflirtTongue-tied when you see a girl you like? Don't babble cheesy chat-up lines in the hope she hasn't heard them before - take a tip from Tracey Cox's Superflirt, crammed to the hilt with tips on how to flirt to help you make the most of each and every opportunity. Here's just a couple of the tips to whet your appetite.

    Batting eyelashes might beckon you over but there's more to winning her over than simply crossing the floor. You need some sneaky, simple, and oh-so-effective ways to mesmerize from your very first meeting.


    • Look for 'shiny' eyes. If she's gazing up at you with twinkly eyes that seem to sparkle with excitement, she's probably keen. Chances are you've aroused her emotions - with a bit of luck, something like passion or adoration. Intense feeling causes the tear glands to secrete fluid but if the emotions aren't intense enough to produce tears and an overflow, the liquid pools instead. Excess moisture causes light to bounce more easily off the eyeball, making the eyes 'dance' and look more attractive. It can't be faked either, so glistening eyes are a good indicator you're having an effect on her. Be warned though: fear, stress, and discomfort manifest in exactly the same way.
    • Take a visual voyage. It doesn't matter how much of a good sort you are, if someone locks eyes with us for too long at a time, most of us feel like a butterfly with its wings pinned. Thing is, it's rather easy to become mesmerised when you're gazing at someone who's so damn sexy, you're practically dribbling. Fix it by forcing yourself to feast on the entire spread laid in front of you - in other words, take a visual voyage. As you're chatting, take time to check out her cute nse, the curve of her cheek, neck, and shoulders. Hover around her hairline, look at her earlobes, caress her entire face with your eyes. The trick to making your target feel admired rather than minutely examined is to keep the visual voyages short - flick back to her eyes for long seconds in between.

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