1. Lovehoney proudly presents the Happy Rhino sex toy

    Happy Rhino Sex ToyThick-skinned? Short-sighted? Bit of a temper? If you also have grey armour plating and suffer from attacks by poachers after your horn, then the Happy Rhino sex toy isn't for you. If, however, you've always fancied dressing up as one of the world's most endangered animals for sexy fun, the designers of this entry in our Design a Sex Toy competition have taken your dream as their inspiration. We particularly like their suggestion for sophisticated types to wear the costume under a tuxedo; perhaps if you're feeling cheap and sluttish you could try wearing it under a crotchless open bust fishnet bodystocking?

    Design A Sex Toy Entry

    Sex toy name: Happy Rhino

    Description: A dildo for the vagina. A costume for those who like to dress up.

    One partner dresses as a rhinoceros. The other enjoys the sensation of a quality dildo, positioned where one would expect the rhino's horn. The costume is designed to be friendly, like a football mascot or character from a children's theme park. This may evoke fond memories in the penetrated party. Anyone turned on by the colour grey will find this arousing. If the person wearing the costume doesn't like being dressed as a rhinoceros, a pair of virtual reality goggles could be worn to entertain them whilst their partner gets off on their nose. For sophisticated types, the rhino costume could be worn under a tuxedo.

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